Meet Tam...

Well, maybe you already know Tam. But now meet Tam Milborn, Kiti Q DT Member! Yay! The official announcement will go out in Kiti Q's newsletter on Thursday, but it's not a secret ;) It's just that the DT re-invention is not quite ready to be revealed yet. Or something. LOL.

I made these two layouts for a new layout kit for Kiti Q, featuring Love, Elsie ranges Roxie and Betty. Add some Splosh paint, Heidi Swapp florals and Crafty Matters word tiles, and you will get full images and instructions for both these layouts. The total price for the double layout class kit will be about $22, and they will be available by July.

Exciting decorating news, for me anyway, is that we are getting a new bed - yay again! The most essential thing is that it doesn't have a big foot of the bed frame thingy whatsit, which I constantly bruise my thighs on while walking around our current bed in our squishy little bedroom. Also it looks cool. And I got it for $400 less than full price! I had really liked it in the Freedom catalogue, but thought it way too expensive, so when I saw it reduced I was like hmmm.... It is called 'Sienna' too, how funny is that.

Despite all these 'yays' I am feeling pretty crap today. This evening anyhow. I am pretty sure I want to cancel / close / whatever my photography business, the uncertainty gets me down. Misdirection. Or something. So I will be back another day in chirpier spirits I hope.


Tam said...

so you weren't kidding about posting a pic! lol!

so nice to catch up with you. handy that we're local :o)

loving those layouts and that bed is seriously yummy!

Anonymous said...

those layouts are so cool. LOVE them.

you seem like needing {a hug} & a break. come visit me if you want. bring kel and/or the kids & we'll do lunch.

leewoodside said...

These layouts are just gorgeous. Love all the stuff that you girls get to play with.
Sorry that you are feeling down. Big hugs. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I hate reading about u feeling low Dan, wish i was there to hug u and give u some "ME" time.Meaning some alone time to urself haha not time with just me lol Luv U xx

Jody White said...

Hi Danielle

Pauline rang me yesterday and said you had played around with the Fireside website and I must say you have done a fab job. Just thought I would pop over and say what a good job, it definately needed some sprucing up, looks heaps better.

Lovin you layouts too.

Anonymous said...

Love, love love those Elsie numbers Danielle. Although I'm sure you could make any range look good. Hope you're in better spirits now.

Cheers, Leanne